1. How quickly will my in-stock order be processed?

Ans: Most in-stock orders are filled within minutes of being placed. We combine the best combination of offering the best products at lowest prices while proving to be the fastest service in the industry as well.

2. How do I know if an item is out of stock?

Ans: In case an item is out of stock, our website will show you the label of ‘Call for Price’ and you can call our customer Sales Representative to place your order in the backorder.

3. You had stock when I placed my order but now the stock is gone. What happened?

Ans: In such a condition, when the stock was available when you placed the order but it was gone by the time your order had cleared our credit card security department then we advise you of the backorder situation. This can happen occasionally because stock is not allocated until your order is verified, accepted, and processed. Therefore, stock levels and shipping projections may occasionally change by the time your order is shipped​

4. How do I know when my backordered items will be available?


  • iCityTech provides the latest delivery information as provided to us by our suppliers. Most items will show an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for each product that is backordered. However, some of our suppliers do not offer ETAs and hence we bring for our customers the best delivery estimates in those certain conditions.
  • In addition to this, you can keep track of the out of stock items from the list before actually purchasing the product. You can also request to receive email notifications when items are back in stock so that you may purchase them at your convenience.

5. What happens if my backordered item is discontinued?

Ans: In that case, we will notify you. We will inform you that your backordered item has been discontinued. Also, we will make every effort to find an alternate product for you. In case, we are still not able to replace your backordered item with an alternate product your order will be canceled

5. Can an advanced order by placed for a new product?

Ans: iCItyTech welcomes advance orders. We realize that due to the fast-growing technological needs our customers want the newest products and the latest technology available. Your order will ship as soon as your desired product becomes available. Our advice to our customers is to place your orders early and get on the backorder list. We try our best to fill all the backorders in the order they are received.

6. Will you tell me if any item is on backorder?

Ans: In case, you have ordered an item that is out of stock we will notify you of the backorder status and we will pitch you the alternate products/ items available at the given time.


1. Are there any fluctuations in your prices?

Ans: We make use of an advanced electronic interface which continually scans our distributors for their best current pricing and availability. This is exactly what enables us to offer the lowest possible prices on our available items. For further details, we advise you to visit Terms and Conditions to understand our policy in detail.

2. Will an item’s price change after I place my order?

Ans:All our products are one-click away for purchasing. We do not change our price once you have placed your order.

2. Will an item’s price change after I place my order?

Ans: In case, you have ordered an item that is out of stock we will notify you of the backorder status and we will pitch you the alternate products/ items available at the given time.


1. How can I order from iCityTech?

Ans: You can easily place orders by using our E-commerce website. In addition to this, we entertain all orders through phone, fax, email and postal email. See our Contact Information to get the relevant information


1. How can your Sales Representative help me with the product packaging for information regarding product specifications?

Ans: You may find the answers to all our products on our web-sites in order to comply with all your questions related to the desired product. However, if you do not find any of the query related to the product specification complied on our website then you can contact our Customer Service people and they can provide you with the exact answer to your query.

2. May I change the order once confirmed?

Ans: Changes for the order can only be made by contacting our team by phone before the processing of the order has commenced

3. How can I create an account?

Ans: In order to create an account click on the login icon in the upper right corner of our homepage, providing your e-mail address and personal details. An account is automatically generated when placing your first order

4. Which payment methods are available?

Ans: You can pay by:

    • Bank transfer
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • PayPal